Shuswap Creative Escape - Explore the artist within...
What People are Saying!
"A wonderful, fun & creative day! Excellent instruction &
follow up to our project""
"Very inspirational! The only limit is your imagination!"
"Lunch was amazing! Better than any 5 star restaurant."
"Fabulous day! Fabulous course! Fabulous lunch!"
"Can't wait to show off my creation. Instruction was great, very organized & encouraging. Lunch was wonderful, a truly great day!"
"Really enjoyed the day, very relaxing & fun."
"With having very little experience with art, this was a great time &
I am taking home a beautiful gal!"
"This class is really a Creative Escape - the day passes almost unnoticed."
"Lots of fun! Great people! Great workshop! Goes to quickly."
"Great food - gourmet meal!"
"You always go home with a beautiful piece of art. Ruth is a great teacher! Ruth & Larry are wonderul hosts!"
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